Joe Waldo
Joe is an experienced transportation executive and consultant; long-serving non-profit leader; and adjunct professor of economics. When we say he’s not your average Joe, we mean: he’s seen a lot; done a lot; and given back. A lot. See what he can do for you.

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Leadership is nuanced. Really.

Chainsaw Al, Queen of Mean, smartest guys in the room, barbarians at the gate ‐‐ all are examples of business leaders with nicknames memorable for the wrong reasons.

True leadership is earned, not stage-managed.

And it is NOT achieved at the expense of clients or the people one leads. It is when hard heads meet soft hearts that everyone wins.

I apply a honed, for‐profit skill set to the place where my heart lies: non‐profits.

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Economics is the dismal science ‐ NOT.

How valuable is deep experience in class 1 railroad management? How important are the lessons taken from successful, major metropolitan transportation infrastructure projects? How useful is multi-modal analysis; supply chain and logistics work; and developing public private partnerships?


I make sense of transportation, and economics is my toolkit. it works.

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Teaching is learning -- and vice‐versa

The core elements of successful learning are passion; curiosity; clarity; organization; and critical thinking.

They also happen to be the same elements of successful teaching. They are, after all, two sides of the same coin – and, inevitably – two sides of the same individual.

I bring 30 years’ worth of real world experience to the classroom, along with ten years’ actual teaching experience in economics and transportation in academic, corporate, and on‐line classrooms settings. I’ve learned as much as I’ve taught. Some of my students are now teachers. And the others? They continue to teach themselves.

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Joe adds tremendous value; works collaboratively; and puts partners and clients at ease. I experienced this directly in our work together on freight infrastructure improvements in the Memphis region, where Joe worked with local officials and business leaders alike to identify future transportation system choke points and estimate the magnitude of investment needed. - Dr. Martin E. Lipinski Director, Center for Intermodal Freight Transportation Studies, The University of Memphis

Joe’s skill, commitment, passion, and leadership as Executive Director of Urban Resources Development (URDC) allowed us to weather some of the most difficult economic times in recent history. He would be an asset to any organization. - Ms. Dana Brown, Senior Vice President – National Penn Bank

Clear command of the subject matter; extraordinary student engagement and rapport. We are lucky to have him. - Lee Bender, Professor of Economics, Montgomery County Community College

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